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Existing Telus customer eligible for more discount

Smart camera

Basic Protection

Self Monitoring

Online Security-Basic

1 Camera


Smarter Automation Plus

Smarter Home

Self Monitoring

Online Security - Basic

2 Automation Devices

1 Camera



Advanced Protection

Professional Monitoring

Online Security - Standard

1 Security Starter Kit


Safety, security and a house run smoothly all with a SmartHome monitoring system

Control your whole home from your phone

See who’s at the door, accept a package or let your friend in from anywhere, all from the SmartHome Security app on your mobile phone.

Smart home monitoring for peace of mind

Rest easy knowing your home and family are protected with fire alarm monitoring, plus carbon monoxide, flood and break-in sensors.

150 years of home security experience

ADT is now TELUS and combines their proven expertise in security with TELUS’ award-winning network and SmartHome systems.

Say goodbye to surprise charges

Starting September 19, we are guaranteeing customers like you get the best possible service. When you call in asking for a tech repair, you will be charged a non-refundable fee of $150 prior to the tech's arrival to your home. If our technician finds out the issue turns out to be a TELUS issue, the full fee will be credited back to your account.